Collectie Arnhem

Collectie Arnhem

Collectie Arnhem

A Portrait of The Anarchist As A Working Man


Collectie Arnhem is an annual collaborative project for third-year students of the Bachelor Fashion Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts. The class develops, designs and presents a cohesive collection under guidance of three tutors. The various tasks involved in creating a collection, including production, promotion and financing, challenge students and prepare them for their internship and graduation year.


The starting point of the collection was the word “CHAIN”, with The Chain issue of MacGuffin magazine as inspiration. Throughout the process, this concept was collectively reinterpreted and developed. Initial silhouette proposals were created through drapings that were made with deadstock workwear provided by HAVEP. By reconstructing contemporary workwear, a storyline arose which sees all models as individual characters, breaking free from the chain of command. The models and garments exist in different stages of the process of reclaiming their individuality, identity and freedom. The workwear itself, which embodies repetition and anonymity within a larger system, expands and transforms throughout the collection. This is supplemented with historical techniques such as smocking and knitting, which reference ideas of interconnectedness and chain reactions. Exaggerated silhouettes move from thin and elongated to enlarged and voluminous, in varying degrees of bodily restriction.

Reflective silver stripes, bright blue and neon yellow fabrics sparkle between oppressive blacks and greys, while pink and beige tones soften. Recycled twill cotton, metal constructions and heavy patchwork complement delicate mesh and sculptural knitwear made of deadstock yarns. Finishings like a double topstitch in contrasting colours and raw edges are copied from workwear garments referenced during research. Accessories like metal shoes, handbags and earplugs were developed in collaboration with Product Design students.


This film tells the story of workers breaking free from the chain of command. To represent this concept, the set design consists of a maze inside an industrial warehouse. Mirroring and multiplication in shadows are used to illustrate the magnitude of masses and repetition. The models start out walking in a robotic fashion, and get more free and individualistic throughout — representing their journey to self-actualisation and finding liberation collectively.


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Instagram: @collectiearnhem


Director of Photography & Editing: Niels Zweekhorst
Gaffer and Set Lighting: Bart Verbeet
Production: Luisa Haddad Zavadinack
Music/Composer: Claudius Heilgendorff
Hair and Make-up: Dani Fuerza
Location: Tegelgroep Nederland, Warehouse | Olivier De Lange
Tutors: Rens de Waal | Alieke Broekhuizen | Rixt van Der Tol | Kevin Pleiter
Head of ArtEZ Fashion Design: Matthijs Boelee


Finnean Bustin | Darina Denisova | Hannah Hasler | Christiaan Kock | Lisa Kostenko | Madelief de Lange | Fieke Lenders | Alyne Li | Simi Liew | Kelly Meiling | Jennika Nooteboom | Sophie-Marie Ordo | Loreta Rogule | Nouka Rous | Yajing Wang


Rami Abdalhusain | Sarjon Azouz | Victoria/Ronja Cornelis | Merin May Kho | Nelgina Khensani van Leeuwen | Rick Schamle | Christien Tol | Clemens Tomlow


Casting and Consulting: Michiel van Maaren
Styling: Charlotte Buchal
Ernst van der Hoeven (MacGuffin magazine)


ArtEZ Product Design students
Shoe Design: Myrthe Maria Kramer | Mees de Rozario | Demy Veldhoen
Accessories: Myrthe Maria Kramer | Mees de Rozario | Demy Veldhoen | Jingge Qu

ArtEZ Graphic Design students
Layout and Graphic Design Leporello: Dide Schuit
Print and Production Leporello: Sadé van den Berg | Nina Kieviet | Danaé Lankhorst | Melissa van Limburg | Uus Offerhaus | Chayenne Pop (Binders Keepers)


Olivier De Lange | Anushka Nair | Zachary Brooks |Sophie Duinhouwer | Sunanda Koning | Wendy Barten | Sjoerd Van Ree | Walter Huinink | Wouter Roemaat | Jeroen Wandemaker | Juuke Schoorl


ArtEZ University of the Arts | HAVEP | Heutink | Modekwartier Arnhem | Tegelgroep Nederland