Collectie Arnhem is a collective project in which third-year students of the Fashion Design bachelor at ArtEZ University of the Arts collaborate to develop, design and present a cohesive collection. The project offers a laboratory-style environment where students research and explore diverse aspects of the process and the profession; questioning what fashion is and proposing what fashion can be.

Collectie Arnhem encourages a broad practical approach. Next to cultivating design talent, the project stimulates entrepreneurial factors such as teamwork, finance, promotional and organizational skills. The project culminates in a fashion presentation, organized by the students themselves and presented to a professional audience during the January edition of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

Collectie Arnhem connects students with influential companies, institutions and individuals in the field of fashion, art and design. Students receive advice and coaching from leading fashion professionals, including designers, stylists, photographers, writers and consultants. In recent years Collectie Arnhem has enjoyed the attention of both national and international press; the collections have been received with great enthusiasm.

Collectie Arnhem is made possible with the support of the ArtEZ University of the Arts and the Made in [Arnhem] campaign. As a green and creative city, Arnhem city council is proud of the emerging creative talent that ArtEZ continues to present with Collectie Arnhem.
Collectie Arnhem was initiated in 1999 by Alexander van Slobbe and Gisela Prager.